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The 6-month program is based on the six chapters in the book. One chapter is reviewed at the beginning of each month followed by three live coaching calls each month. The calls are a deep dive into the material and often takes members into the realm of mysticism, where reality and spirituality meet. 

You don't need to start from chapter one. You can jump in anytime and the members are happy to share, shine a light and show you the way, making you feel right at home.  You can also check out the video lessons in our free home-study course.


THE WEEKLY COACHING CALLS are held via Zoom every 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm Pacific Time. 

We Cover One Chapter (Training Module) Each Month:

1-Keep Calm & LadyUp!
1.  Own Your Time
2.  Organize Your Life
3.  Create Your World

2-Braving Your Passion
4.  Reveal Your Truth
5.  Release the Stories
6.  Turn Passion to Profits

3-Allowing Grace
7.  Awareness: Beyond Thought
8.  Connection: Universal Intelligence
9.  Trust: Intuitive Knowing

4-Embracing Your Body
10. Eyes Wide Open
11. Acknowledge Imperfect Perfection
12. Be Willing to Be Seen

5-Mystical Manifestation
13. Shift from Goddess to Queen
14. Use Your Magic Wand
15. Be the Power you Possess   

6-Building Happy Healthy Relationships
16. Love without Reason
17. Don’t Slay the Dragon (if you don’t have to)
18. Become a Master Receiver


Mentoring Other Women.
Once you complete the program, you may want to consider mentoring other women on the the path. 

Don’t be left out! Join the Circle!

“LadyUp! A Woman’s Guide to Self-Defined Grace & Fearless Love” 
by Wanda Marie

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