WOMAN – a female who is great at multitasking, usually very controlling, wanting things to be done right. She is a wo-man and uses masculine effort to get things done, so she is often tired and stressed out. She’s a teacher and can be very motherly. Because she is the caretaker, she has very little time for herself. She is a fighter and a survivor, not through grace, but through struggle.

       LADY - someone who possess the qualities of both the Goddess and the Queen. She is more than a woman – she is a female with self-defined grace and fearless love. She is clear, kind, and loving yet protective and powerful. She is focused yet flexible. She has learned to set clear boundaries, raise her standards, speak her truth, AND get her needs met without slaying the dragon. She will love you like you’ve never been loved before, yet take you to your knees with a mere glance. She honors her values and walks in grace with unyielding gratitude for her life and the world which she has created from within.

Here's what Coach Wanda Marie has to say about a LADY!