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Course Description

This six-month self-paced program is based on the book, “LadyUp! A Woman's Guide to Self-Defined Grace & Fearless Love” On the weekly calls, we cover a different chapter each month and do a deep dive into the topic, providing a safe space for women to receive personal clarity, build confidence and find the courage needed to lead a bold, beautiful and grace-filled life!  

Course Content

Creating less stress and struggle, more grace and ease.

You can start anywhere, or right from the beginning. Each chapter contains 3 sub-titles and a training video to guide you through.
Home Study Course Introduction
Work With a Mentor
Keep Calm and LadyUp!
Braving Your Passion
Allowing Grace
Embracing Your Body
Mystical Manifestation
Building Happy Healthy Relationships
Conclusion: The Magic Behind Grace and Ease