LadyUp! A Woman's Guide to Self-Defined Grace and Fearless Love by Wanda Marie


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The LadyUp Book is  a Woman's Guide to Self-Defined Grace and Fearless Love. 
You can purchase for $15 through Amazon. Author-signed copies here are $22.

This book is about helping women lead amazing lives. Herein you will explore some mystical teachings for practical living.

  • Learn how to expand and collapse time to control your world more gracefully;
  • Get deeply in touch with your true passion and turn that passion into profits to support yourself and your family;
  • Connect with Universal Intelligence for clarity, guidance and support;
  • Understand the distinctions between the Princess, the Goddess and the Queen qualities. Then learn to access and utilize these qualities to empower your world;
  • Learn how to become a Master Receiver and allow more abundance to flow into your life.
  • Engage in a ritual to call in your life partner and soul mate; and so much more.


This book is for women who want to live an amazing life as a WOMAN of POWER who commands her world with the grace of a LADY.